Quote of the Day:

 ”…As we make our way through this crazy old world time is flying by, kids are growing up and people that we held dear to our hearts pass away from time to time. Through it all we share so much with each other, we laugh together, work and fight together and sometimes we even breakdown and cry with each other. It is the best quality of life and to that I feel I owe a personal level of respect, so when these guys show up, as busy as I might be I give them the most precious thing we can give each other, my time and they give me theirs. As it should be in our part of the world, mutual respect and consideration. So the next time you see a post on BookFace or one of the social media vomittoriums that’s signed “Much Love and Respect” remember that is quite likely a man or woman who has been lucky enough to know what the good life is made of.”

- Chris Callen, Editor, Cycle Source Magazine